Sunrooms & Screen Rooms

Model 100 – Screen Rooms

model 100

Get the most out of life lounging, dining and entertaining in your Sunspace Screen Room! We design and build to suit your home, cottage or commercial property. Overexposure to sun, rain and wind can spoil an afternoon outside, but not anymore! With the changing weather in North America, a Sunspace Room Addition helps you control the harsh conditions that may otherwise keep you and your family inside.

Sunspace Model 100 Screen Rooms offer stylish design options, full ventilation and can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck. Ugrades easily to a Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom at any time.

Don’t let nature lock you inside, enjoy the season from the comfort of your new screen room by Sunspace!

Model 200 – WeatherMaster Sunrooms

model 200

Our most popular Sunroom! The Model 200 features versatile WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows exclusively from Sunspace.

WeatherMaster Window Systems & Model 200 Sunrooms are modular units that are custom designed to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a Screen Room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an Enclosed Porch. Easily installed and ideal for porch conversions. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing (it’s more durable than glass!) and available in a variety of tints that lets you control the sunlight through infinitely adjustable windows; effortlessly stack up, stack down or bunch in the middle to enjoy up to 75% ventilation.

The Model 200 Sunroom from Sunspace offers flexible designs, a wide variety of color and customization options to suit your home and an economical way to expand the functionality of any space while adding style and increased value.

Model 300 – 3 Season Sunrooms

model 300

The Model 300 Sunroom by Sunspace is a bright addition to any home, cottage or business! Insulated aluminum pillars, a durable Sunspace Roof System with Integrated gutters and single glazed glass Windows give this 3-Season Sunroom strength, stability and a virtually maintenance free exterior.

Custom-designed to fit your property and easily installed over an existing deck, porch or even as a carport! Patio Room Systems from Sunspace are perfect for seasonal use, giving you and your family a reliable and sturdy addition that extends your favorite seasons that much longer.

Enjoy increased living space and the outdoors protected from bugs, weather and UV Rays in the comfort of your new 3-season Sunspace Sunroom.

Model 400 – Insulated Sunrooms

model 400

Building on our 3-Season Sunroom, the Model 400 Thermal, Insulated Sunroom by Sunspace takes you and your family to a new level of comfort while extending your enjoyment of the seasons.

Double glazed high efficiency, Low E-Argon gas Glass Windows and extrusions with commercial grade thermal breaks combine with the Sunspace Thermal Roof System to provide strong support for wind and snow load while reducing condensation and heat loss. Eliminate costly foundation work with Therma-Deck! The finished surface is perfect for carpet, tile or almost any type of flooring while providing 25% better insulated rating than conventional flooring construction.

Take your comfort through the natural ups and downs of North American seasonal weather by adding a new, high quality, customized and comfortable living space to your home or cottage. Don’t let nature keep you inside, enjoy watching the seasons change from the comfort of your new Sunspace Sunroom!


WeatherMaster Porch Windows

weather master porch

Exclusive to Sunspace and designed specifically for Porches, Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures, WeatherMaster Window Systems are easily installed and can convert any area into your favorite 3-Season Room in the house! Vertical or Horizontal 2 and 4-Track Vinyl Windows are maintenance-free units custom made to fit your openings exactly.

Custom designed to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a Screen Room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an Enclosed Porch. Easily installed, ideal for porch conversions and Garage Doors. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing (it’s more durable than glass!) and available in a variety of tints that lets you control the sunlight through infinitely adjustable windows; effortlessly stack up, stack down or bunch in the middle to enjoy up to 75% ventilation.

Reduce wind, rain, pollen and sound with a variety of configurations to choose from and endless customization options to suit your specific application. Backed by a Manufacturer Factory Warranty, WeatherMaster products are a versatile, economical solution to expand the functionality of any space while adding comfort, beauty and value.

WeatherMaster Door Systems

weather master door

The Sunspace Vertical Four Track Entry Door is built for Sunroom and Porch Enclosure applications. Featuring inset WeatherMaster Windows, these Entry Doors allow for maximum ventilation and control the sunlight with a variety of tint options.

Available as a single or French Style Double Doors with WeatherMaster Vinyl Windows or optional Glass windows, our versatile, durable WeatherMaster Entry Doors from Sunspace unify the look of your Sunroom or Porch Enclosure while adding to its beauty and functionality.

Check out the WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door/Wall System for additional options to suit your home!

WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Doors

weather master plus

The Sunspace WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door/Wall System is an innovative way to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Featuring WeatherMaster Doors and infinitely adjustable WeatherMaster Windows, this stacking system allows you to open as many or as few doors as you like. Stack completely out of the way for vastly increased living space without sacrificing your views!

Suitable for Sunrooms, Porch Enclosures, porch conversions and new construction applications. Built on the same premise as WeatherMaster Windows & Doors, this Stacking Door System is precision built and customizable so you can choose how much or how little of the outdoors to let in.

Pairs perfectly with SlideClear Pleated Screens from Sunspace for uninterrupted views with added protection from bugs and the elements. WeatherMaster Plus unifies the look of your sunroom or Porch Enclosure adding to its beauty and functionality.

Patio Covers

Acrylic Roofs

acrylic roof

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems & Patio Covers maintain high light transmission throughout the long life of the product! Designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light. Durable Acrylic sheets are 100% naturally UV stable and filter/soften harsh light. Sunspace Acrylic will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years, we guarantee it!

A Sunspace Acrylic Roof System will adapt to most roof structures allowing a seamless installation and a virtually maintenance free roofing solution! You choose from a variety of roofing sheets to suit you and your family’s needs. The sheets are available in a range of solar tints that block damaging UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission and heat reflection, throughout their long life.

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems offer the protection you need, while complimenting the style of your home. At Sunspace, we have you and your family covered!

Thermal Roof Systems

thermal roof

Style that compliments your home or cottage! Sunspace Thermal, Insulated Roof Systems are offered in your choice of an elegant cathedral ceiling or a contemporary studio pitch.

Whether you are considering installing a roof over your current deck or hoping to create a protected carport – at Sunspace, we have you covered! All Sunspace roof systems come in thicknesses of 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch. How do you choose thickness? We look at your roof projection, snow load and R Value. All roof systems are durable with high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides or have an OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Every roof system has an internal water trough system to channel away moisture and comes standard with worry free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia.

Hybrid Roof Systems

hybrid roof

The Hybrid Acrylic Roof & Patio Covers offer all of the features of our Standard Acrylic Roof Systems & Patio Cover combined with Solid, Thermal Insulated Roof Panels; allowing you more control over the sunlight in your Sunspace Sunroom.

Completely customizable with endless configuration options, the Hybrid Roof & Patio Cover let’s you decide how much sunlight to let in and where! Protect you family from harmful UV rays while enjoying the comfort of your indoor/outdoor living space worry free with a Roofing System from Sunspace.

Railing Systems

Contemporary (topless) Glass Railing

railing system

Preserve your views with the premier Glass Railing System on the market! Sunspace Sunrooms is a company dedicated to offering consumers low-maintenance solutions to any railing application; stylish, safe and virtually maintenance free, Sunspace Contemporary (Topless) Glass Railings are available with a variety of options, colors and are custom built to suit your home, cottage, commercial location, Deck or Sunroom Addition.

With aluminum pickets and 10mm Tempered Safety Glass suitable for use indoors and out, these railings provide you with safety, elegance and a completely unobstructed view.

Traditional Glass Railings


Sunspace Sunrooms Glass Railings are the premier Railing System on the market! Virtually maintenance free, Sunspace Traditional Glass Railings are available in a variety of styles and colors and are custom built to match your home, cottage, commercial location, Deck and Sunroom Additions.

With aluminum pickets and 10mm Tempered Safety Glass, your Sunspace Traditional Glass Railings provide safety, elegance and an unobstructed view. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and on stairs.

Traditional Aluminum Picket Railings & Fences


Style, safety and flexible designs are the cornerstones of our Sunspace Aluminum Railing Systems and fences. With a variety of colors to choose from you have the versatility to color match your new Sunroom or the existing exterior of your home, cottage or business.

Sunspace offers a great selection of handrail and picket and belly picket designs with unlimited options for customization. Our virtually maintenance free Railing Systems & Fencing Systems are code compliant and suitable for residential or commercial use.

Integrated Screen Picket Railings

integrated screen

Looking for a solution to Screen in your Deck, Patio or Balcony? Suitable for applications where a Screened in space is desired and building codes require Railings for safety. Sunspace Integrated Railing Systems offer a stylish, safe Railing Solution with Integrated Better Vue Screens to suit your needs!

Choose from our selection of Traditional Aluminum Picket Railings in a variety of colors and configurations, choose your Screen and enjoy your indoor/outdoor living space knowing your family and guests are safe from insects, weather and heights.


AlumaDeck - Aluminum Decking System


Sunspace Alumadeck is slip resistant, water tight and fire resistant. Aluminum is essentially maintenance free for the life of the product and will not rust, crack, fade or degrade from the elements and UV exposure like wood, plastics or composites. Aluminum is a thermal conductor, so it does not hold the heat like other material, always feel cool to the touch.

Your beautiful Aluminum Decking System is suitable for home, cottage or commercial use, can be integrated with a variety of Railing and Sunroom products and is guaranteed to outlast any wood, membrane or plastic based products.

Thermadeck - Thermal Aluminum Decking System


Thermadeck is a simple, high efficient, quick to install Decking System that provides superior thermal performance and substantially greater strength than conventional stud construction.

Our Thermal Poly Deck System consists of panels with 3.5″, 5.5″ and 7.25″ core of insulation sandwiched between two 1/2″ Oriented Strand Boards giving our Therma-Deck a 25% better insulation rating than conventional flooring construction! ThermaDeck eliminates costly foundation work and the finished surface can receive carpet, laminate, tile or almost any type of flooring.

Thermadeck is maintenance free, fire resistant, environmentally friendly, recyclable, slip resistant, leak proof, flex and sag resistant, there will be no warping, splitting or cracking.

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